Update dance series #62
“body print blue chronical”
Saburo Teshigawara new solo dance

再ol-入稿データ#No62「青い記録」カード -01
Date :
24 May. (Fri) 20:00
25 May. (Sat) 20:00
26 May. (Sun) 16:00
27 May. (Mon) 20:00
29 May. (Wed) 20:00
30 May. (Thu) 20:00
31 May. (Fri) 20:00
1 June. (Sat) 16:00
Direction/Lighting/Dance:Rihoko Sato
Duration : 60min
Fee : Reservation 3,000yen
[Ticket sold on the day of the performance 3,500yen]
*Please let us know if you are student.(Student 2,000yen)
Book Tickets : Mail:updatedance@st-karas.com
*Email subject "updatebooking"
*Please tell us your name, phone number, date and how many ticket do you want.
*Ticket booking is up to 24 hours of the previous day.
Future performance schedule can be seen from here.(only Japanese)
The schedule of dance workshop from here.