Choreography Rihoko Sato
Costume, set and lighting design, music collage Rihoko Sato
Duration 20’ – Creation for 8 dancers of the company
Premiere:6th, Sep, 2019 at Teatro Zandonai Rovereto(Italy)
     〈Rovereto Oriente Occidente〉
Things pass by, and you pass by them.

Things change, while you move on.

They lose their colors, and seem to fade away.

Memories become the memory of memories.

Or someone’s memory that you once heard seems more vivid than your own.

As if our history is rewritten by someone else.

Standing amidst the loss.

You look at the face inside the mirror.

Or grab the hand of the person standing next to you.

To make sure you are still here.

The burnt smell inside my nose is the only thing that brings me back to reality.

The present only lasting for an ever-lasting second.

With the traces of these ghosts surrounding us.

My body is the only thing alive, and these things can only breathe life through me.

Through my eyes, my hands, my mirroring emotions.

I hear their voices.

I start to write their story before it fades away.

Or is it my own?

Rihoko Sato