Direction : Saburo Teshigawara
Dance : Rihoko Sato
Duration : 60 minutes
Premiere : Kawasaki Art Center (Japan)
Production : KARAS
Coproduction : Kawasaki Art Center
- Available on tour -
SHE is a solo piece danced by Rihoko Sato, and directed by Saburo Teshigawara.
Sato is one of the main dancers of KARAS, Saburo Teshigawara’s company. Her unique and exceptional physicality and sensitivity has made her dance vocabulary grow beyond the dance method she has learned from Teshigawara.
A completely new dimension of dance improvisation.
If life is unable to repeat,
Would she carry the misery of not being able to repeat death,
Or will she climb up or climb down the incredibly steep slope
Would the ascent be a suffer, or happiness?
Would the descent be terror, or pleasure?
Neither, she says
All I can do is dance with air and falling buoyancy
Her exceptional body expression is nothing but herself!
by Saburo Teshigawara
Dance Magazine February 2010 by Tatsuro Ishii
Her thin body looks so fragile, though in reality, it is extremely flexible and strong at the same time. ...When I was completely absorbed in this serreal and fantastic scenery, it suddenly comes to an end brutally, as if to wash everything away. Yet, Sato keeps dancing, to some noise music with a strong beat, with smoothness, and with sharpness.
Kyodo News Dec/2009 by Hideo Furukawa
What Sato shows on stage is, that air has weight, light is tangible, and the shadow of the dancing body shows us the proof of its existence. ...What touched me most, was that even though Satodanced with astonishing intensity in front of our eyes, somtimes she seemed to completely disappear out of sight. Her movement had such afffinity with the light and music, that often it seemed as though Sato was there, yet she was invisible. ...At this moment, Ifelt that I slightly touched "something real". It was the kind of thing taht would vanish the moment one witnessed it. Yet, it waws real. From the start through end, mesmerized all the way through, I realized a simple fact. The fact that my body exist here, and now.