Mirror and Music
Choreography, set design, lighting design, costume design : Saburo Teshigawara
Music Compilation : Saburo Teshigawara, Izumi Nakano
Dancers : Saburo Teshigawara, Rihoko Sato, Mie Kawamura, Eri Wanikawa, Kafumi Takagi, Rika Kato
Technical coordination/Lighting Assistant : Sergio Pessanha
Sound Operation : Tim Wright
Stage manager : Markus Both
Duration: 75 minutes
Premiere : 25th September, 2009 at New National Theatre Tokyo
Production: KARAS / New National Theatre Tokyo
- Available on tour -
Mirror and music does not exist in reality.
It reflects and multiplies what we see, or what we strongly imagine.
A different dimension from the real world.
Something yet unknown. Never to be known for sure.
But something so sure.
So what does this mean for the body?
Dancers expose their bodies into this new dimension of reality, filled with music
and light.
The most recent group piece by Saburo Teshigawara, with 8 dancers.
A clear blue sky, as empty as a hungry stomach
A mirror doesn’t cast the past
Nothing appears on the surface of a mirror
You can see through it, but nothing exists
Mirror and… music, duplify the world
Our world is already broken behind the mirror
Hidden People behind the mirror
Refractive index of light
Solubility of light
Body and music
The flow of respiring music
Numbers will melt and disappear, if infinitely multiplied
At night
The sun smells of a burnt shadow
A clear blue sky, as eompty as a hungry stomach
Countless breaths come and go
A pilot avoiding the radio wave
Poem of humidity
Saburo Teshigawara
Its delicacy, force and intensity to approach the intangible, took us to experience the border of
…Teshigawara appears in a majestic solo, where his body and its movements break down in a
myriad of forms, directions and all possible dynamics. His movement is always in opposition
with one another, making us wonder if he is really dancing alone. He is dancing with the music
of his own body. With the baroque score of Corelli the climactic moment of the performance
arrives, in a scene of beauty and uncomparable delicacy. The dancers are all magnificent,
entering the scene evolving from all points of the set: with lightness and velocity; we cannot hold
onto the image, as it dissolves immediately, but we are feeling the music of a very vivid, unusual
form. We are entranced, as if contemplating the evolution of the swallows in the dusk of summer.
More than a dance, in reality it was a great experience of highly sensory voltage. Bravisimo!
EL PAIS (Edicion Cataluña) By Carmen Del Val
Fascinating and hypnotic, beautiful and imaginative…
…This spectacle was one of the pearls of the present edition of the Grec, and the public at the
Theatre National of Catalonia, applauded enthusiastically.
…It is a work in which the light and the shadow, the deafening noise and the serenity of the
baroque music wrap the dance of the eight interpreters. Their bodies appear and they
disappear in an austere setting. Movements that multiply, a captivating dance that is repeated
in an effect like a seductive mirror. Pure and naked gestures that appear and disappear
through the intermittent sparkle of the play of lights.
…Aggressive, sensual, docile, and magnificent bodies.
The Asahi 6, Oct 2009 by Ryoko Sasaki
The ultimately focused moment and the never-ending eternity. Interpreted into dance as, the
dazzling vigor and immobile stillness. This new piece is a fantastic poem that mingles these
two absolutes superbly. …In his solo, Teshigawara seems to sway between his dense existence
and the disappearing of it. He dissolves into the dance so purely, which leads us to a faint pain.
Yet again the lightness of his transparency saves us.

Danza, No.25, 2009, by Mika Moriyama
Lights and shadow, roaring noise and serene sound of baroque music. Using the antithetical
elements to lighten each other, this fusion makes the depth of the stage seem even deeper. Our
ears and eyes are strongly seized. The intense and accurate movement of the dancers,
emerging and vanishing, and the stillness that swallows these motions into darkness. …Bodies
with different qualities resonate and vibrate the air.

Jan, 2010, Dance Magazin by Kumiko Murayama
Throughout the piece, there is a challenge to visualize music. Especially in Teshigawara’s solo,
it seemed as if music was pouring out of his body and becoming sound. It was so astonishing,
and it was nothing but the sight of music itself.
…The extreme tension is released, and suddenly we are grabbed and enchanted. The
aesthetic form of two dancers, finally reaching vanity, or to light itself... Unexpected tears
bursted out.